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El Hierro eruption: climatic impacts?

On the ‘About’ thread new commenter Wyss Yim said: An important key to understanding UK floods is what really drives the North Atlantic Oscillation. Natural or human-induced changes? For natural drivers we need to include submarine volcanic activity for switching … Continue reading

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Ash-on-Ice Earth Art

Layers of volcanic ash on the eroding edges of the icecap of an Icelandic volcano. Does it remind you of something by any chance? Well…?

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Pumice raft may indicate new underwater volcano

Update 14th August – Source found – see below Reports have appeared in the press over the last few days of a huge white raft of pumice encountered by the Air Force and a navy ship about a 1000 miles … Continue reading

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Katla grumbles again

Is this the sleeping giant awakening or just stirring? There’s been an upshift in activity in the last 24 hours – is this going to lead to an eruption this time?

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Effects of Subsea Volcanic Heat

A while back I tried to calculate how submarine volcanic activity around the West Antarctic Peninsula might affect water temperatures, and in consequence land temperatures in the region. What I lacked was a credible estimate of the size of a … Continue reading

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Something up with Katla?

Not wishing to be alarmist about Katla, which I’ve been following for several months, I do wonder if a pattern in the (minor) earthquakes currently is in any way significant. The thumbnail image above is from Erik Klemetti’s blog post … Continue reading

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