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Rose tinted temperatures

Here’s an odd thing. Having experienced such cold weather on holiday in July, I went to take a look at the Met Office maps and graphs, and the UK mean temperature map for July 2015 was a bit of a … Continue reading

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I believe in global warming

There’s been a little song running through my head today while I make mince pies and wrap presents. I thought you might enjoy it. They said children won’t know what snow is They said it’s a disaster for earth

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El Hierro eruption: climatic impacts?

On the ‘About’ thread new commenter Wyss Yim said: An important key to understanding UK floods is what really drives the North Atlantic Oscillation. Natural or human-induced changes? For natural drivers we need to include submarine volcanic activity for switching … Continue reading

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Winter rains and continental trains

The period between mid-October and mid-November is sometimes called in weather lore “Autumn Rains and Continental Trains” as one area of low pressure after another races across the Atlantic to dump rain on the UK.  This year the trains are … Continue reading

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Climate change increases weather

Am I allowed a touch of shadenfreude? Again.  Paul Homewood and Pierre Gosselin highlight the embarrassing “Just Say Anything as long as you blame Climate Change” from Met Office Chief Dame Julia Slingo. Last year it was drought: And don’t … Continue reading

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Pantomime on ice

How appropriate that it is pantomime season. This year’s sell-out production of “Climate Change Academics on Ice” may have been marketed under #SpritOfMawson, but Professor Chris Turney, climate scientist, certainly knew the story he wanted to tell via media circus.

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Looking over their shoulder

Oh this is hilarious.  The Daily Express reports today that Met Office staff have a few other weather forecaster websites bookmarked. According to story Met Office predicts…a snoop on rivals: “Staff have visited the web pages of four rival forecasters … Continue reading

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Suckle-free Honeysuckle

Thanks to the wonderful weather, and the recent run of cold winters, my garden honeysuckle is glorious this year.  The evening air is delicately perfumed by it, with the scent even wafting through the bedroom window at night. There are … Continue reading

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Hedging Forecasts

The Law of the Perversity of Nature You cannot successfully determine beforehand which side of the bread to butter. The Met Office – sigh – what should we do with them?  Charles Duncan sent me this in an email, but … Continue reading

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To celebrate the arrival of summer…(at last)…

This piece is the epitome of English summer for me. The Lark Ascending (Ralph Vaughan Williams), inspired by George Meredith’s poem which begins: He rises and begins to round, He drops the silver chain of sound Of many links without … Continue reading

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