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That Warmer Feeling

Unisys Weather has implemented a new colour scheme for the sea surface temperature anomaly (SST Anom). I did see some mention of this in comments elsewhere (WUWT?) but didn’t bother to look until MWhite in comments on the previous post … Continue reading

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A year without a summer?

According to Météo France, 2013 could be one of the coldest and wettest summers for some time. After a long, cold winter, France is experiencing its coolest spring for 20 years. There was sleet at low level in Southern Belgium … Continue reading

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Silence of the lambs

I apologise up front for the title of this post, but it aptly describes the impact of this snowy spring on Britain’s hill farms. The point of this post is to show the severity of this weather event.  As the … Continue reading

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Weather swings and see-saws

The contrast of the current March weather to Spring last year could hardly be a greater swing (Daily Mail: What a difference a year makes: Mother’s Day daffodils delayed by the cold weather…) to the coldest March in 50 years … Continue reading

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Masters of understatement

You might have heard we’ve had a bit of snow in the UK in the last few days. From the Daily Mail, (accompanied by impressive photos) The blockades have closed many roads in the area, while the M6 between Hackthorpe … Continue reading

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Snow record due to ‘colder temperatures’

Last week’s extreme snow accumulation in Japan featured on the Asia pages of the BBC news website. The video report ends by alluding to the ‘Extreme Weather’ mantra “People here are well equipped for dealing with snow, but even they … Continue reading

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A New Kind of Rain

Environment Agency chief says ‘weather is unpredictable’. In an article published in the Sunday Telegraph (and also covered by the Daily Mail – link image right), Lord Smith, chairman of the Environment Agency, perpetuates the ‘extreme weather’ meme. Referring to … Continue reading

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Flood defence: an army of snowmen

This is too funny.  The Daily Mail reports: Build a snowman by order of the GOVERNMENT! Environment Agency urges homeowners to pile up ice and prevent flooding by delaying thaw Weather forecasters are predicted a sudden thaw when temperatures swing … Continue reading

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Met Office Accuracy II

Guest Post by Charles Duncan An update to previous analysis and also this time looking at temperature. A few days ago I posted an analysis of the Met Office’s rainfall forecasts.  I realised after the event that I had used … Continue reading

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Met Office: poor accuracy on predicted rainfall

Guest post by Charles Duncan I have often claimed the Met Office is unable to forecast weather more than two or three days out. I like to have data to support my assertions, so I thought I would see how … Continue reading

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