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Unbelieveable adjustments

It is very gratifying to see adjustments of temperature data from surface stations getting some attention again. You could say I started blogging due to that very issue. One of my first posts back in November 2009 was Climate Fast … Continue reading

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Location Location Location

Well now we know, and I for one think it is worth the wait. Assuming this stands up to further scrutiny, and I have every confidence it will, this is a big deal.  These are only initial thoughts. Watts et … Continue reading

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Examining Urban Heat Islands – Part 1.

How cities grow Roy Spencer’s recent work (here and here) and comments by Peter Azlac got me thinking about urban heat islands (UHI) again.  I’ve been musing that so many studies show, measure or quantify UHI in various places, and … Continue reading

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How BEST to deal with cooling cities

I’ve been silent on BEST so far. I still have not read the papers or looked at the data. I’m barely keeping up with so much being written about it.  New posts on station data analyses have been absent for … Continue reading

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Hide the Decline – Data at Orland is Chopped

Various Updates (Aug 17-19) It seems this is not so much “Hide the Decline” as “Drop the Estimates” (see comments) – Graph of USHCN adjustments compared with GISS now added, then corrected.} The data from the weather station at Orland, … Continue reading

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GIStemp: Plus ça change (plus c’est la même chose).

The more things change, the more they stay the same. GISS reports updates to the surface temperature analysis regularly (here).  In the last year, for example, there has been a change to use of USHCN v2 data for US stations … Continue reading

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Nightlights and Shifting Sands

Sandbanks off the East Frisian Coast (Germany/Netherlands border) – the setting for Erskine Childers’ “Riddle of the Sands” Recently, every time I have looked at the GISS Station Data, I have found something different, a subtle change.  It would be … Continue reading

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