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Weather swings and see-saws

The contrast of the current March weather to Spring last year could hardly be a greater swing (Daily Mail: What a difference a year makes: Mother’s Day daffodils delayed by the cold weather…) to the coldest March in 50 years … Continue reading

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Estimating sea ice decline due to natural variability

From environmentaresearchweb.org, a new paper examines the contribution of natural cycles the AMO, AO and AMOC to the reduction in Arctic sea ice.  A Japanese and UK collaboration used five CMIP3 coupled general circulation models with pre-industrial forcing to investigate … Continue reading

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Arctic ice caused drilling delays

Alaska Dispatch reports that Shell ships are finally starting to leave Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands for drilling sites in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas.  While most of us are aware that ice in the Bering Sea was way … Continue reading

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Cherries are not the only fruit

A Tamino rant aimed at Joe D’Aleo’s Arctic ice refreezing after falling short of 2007 record (also at ICECAP) has had me smiling.  Tamino’s accusation against Joe of cherry picking are centred on one of the graphs originally posted here at … Continue reading

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It’s a lemming year

[Update (14th May): Not just lemmings but a plague of Scottish Field Voles. They too have benefited from increased snow cover thermal insulation and protection from predators.] Both Norway and Sweden are reporting a population explosion of lemmings this year.  … Continue reading

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Dorothy behind the curtain (Part 2)

Guest post by Peter Morcombe  (link to Part 1) Global warming or cooling effects should be magnified at high latitudes so it makes sense to look for temperature trends in the Arctic and Antarctic.  Ice sheets provide excellent temperature proxies … Continue reading

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NAO is the winter of our discontent…

Temperatures in the UK fell rapidly again on Thursday.  I watched the thermometer drop from about 7°C mid-morning to -1°C by 4pm and another 5-6 inches of global warming accumulated by late evening.  More snow also fell on Friday. Blame … Continue reading

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Did the previous Arctic warming start in 1910 or in 1919?

Guest Post By Arnd Bernaerts Introduction The posting “Mapping global warming” (Jan. 18, 2010 by “KevinUK”) demonstrated convincingly that “much of the claimed global warming is hardly global at all. In fact it looks to be more accurately Northern Hemisphere … Continue reading

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NOAA: “Arctic Report Card: Update for 2010”

Guest Post By Arnd Bernaerts, 25 October 2010 With the message “The Arctic region continues to heat up” the Arctic Report Card: Update for 2010 was released by NOAA a few days ago. The NOAA home page has the headline: “Return … Continue reading

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Full Circle

Apologies for the lack of postings recently – busy times.  There will be a few guest postings coming up soon to supplement anything I manage to write. Since I was following the Polar Circumnavigation of Børge Ousland and crew in … Continue reading

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