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Hedging Forecasts

The Law of the Perversity of Nature You cannot successfully determine beforehand which side of the bread to butter. The Met Office – sigh – what should we do with them?  Charles Duncan sent me this in an email, but … Continue reading

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Talking heads

God bless Alan Titchmarsh, gardener, broadcaster, writer, national treasure and all-round good egg, for putting into words many of my petty gripes about the BBC (and news broadcasting in general). ‘Do we really need two newsreaders in a 30 minute … Continue reading

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Balanced analysis?

Some grudging kudos is due to the BBC for a detailed airing of the sceptical viewpoint on the Today programme on Radio 4 this morning. They even interviewed ‘Sceptical Blogger’ Andrew Montford (Bishop Hill) – who made a great contribution. … Continue reading

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Poppycock or Worse than we thought

These men were the faces of nature on the BBC in my youth – heroes you could say. You see I was a greenie then too.  Never a rabid one you understand – I always believed that if you wanted … Continue reading

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Climate change ‘not difficult to explain’

From The Telegraph – Scientist and broadcaster Lord Robert Winston accuses the BBC of dumbing down its science programming. Interviewed for the Times Educational Supplement, Prof Winston said BBC managers were reluctant to commission programmes on complicated issues like climate … Continue reading

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How to seem impartial while promoting your own views

Christopher Booker’s report this week for the GWPF,  The BBC and Climate Change: A Triple Betrayal, paints a damning picture of the BBC’s bias and activities. Sir Antony Jay, who wrote the foreword and spoke at the launch is a … Continue reading

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More on BBC and Global Warming

The BBC’s hidden ‘warmist’ agenda is rapidly unravelling Since 2006, the BBC has relentlessly promoted the global warming orthodoxy as a pressure group in its own right. Christopher Booker in the Telegraph today has a good summary of the development … Continue reading

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Auntie’s principles

If you like to push a certain agenda, what better than to get someone like minded to pay for it.  The Independent reports a BBC ‘cheap programming’ scandal exposed [h/t to  David Sinfield via WUWT on Facebook who linked to … Continue reading

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TV Meteorologists, UHI and Climate Change

The Great British Weather I watched last night on BBC iPlayer the first of the four-part series “The Great British Weather”.  It was ‘weather as entertainment’ broadcast from a ‘roadshow’ on St Ives beach.  I had it ‘on in the background’ as sometimes … Continue reading

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Auntie – your slip is showing

Time for the Beeb to rethink its appearance on at least one aspect of science reporting. I was gobsmacked by Tuesday’s news predicting a sunspot cycle shutdown.  I mean, yes I have been following the science, theories  and speculation about … Continue reading

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