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More Unwelcome Light

From what was begun back in December with a blaze of unwelcome light, Gallopingcamel (Peter Morcombe) has emailed with some output from his AR5 Zero Order Draft (ZOD) review. Before getting to the opinions, here’s a bit of the backstory: … Continue reading

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Competition in the meme pool

Climate change activism has relied heavily on memes to spread its message – ‘the greenhouse effect’; ‘Polar Bears are in peril’; ‘Global warming will reach a tipping point then were doomed’.  As well as direct climate memes there are also … Continue reading

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A Tipping Point Reached

Events this week make me wonder if we have reached a tipping point in climate change.  The trouble with tipping points is that you can only see them with any certainty well after the fact – which is something that … Continue reading

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A suggestion for climate scientists…

Unleash your inner dummy (via Nature Jobs Column). Peter Fiske suggests that scientists are too hung up on being experts in their field, and this often limits their perspective in applying for jobs and their own view of their potential … Continue reading

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For anyone stumbling on this new…the Harry_read_me text file is 300-odd pages of commentary from a programmer at the Hadley CRU at the center of the Climategate leaks. This is one of the documents to make sense of in understanding … Continue reading

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Climategate shows no sign of fading into insignificance and, as the blogosphere continues to spread ‘discoveries’ by those searching the ‘liberated’ files and emails, the mainstream media is actually reporting it, although some with their customary bias. While there have … Continue reading

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Fellowship of the Tree Rings: An Immoral Tale

The Climategate furore shows no sign of dying down and the big questions now are “Was it a whistleblower?, “Is there more to come?” and “What next?”.  While the skeptical blogs are thriving on discovery of long-suspected foul-play, the exchanges … Continue reading

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