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Climate change increases weather

Am I allowed a touch of shadenfreude? Again.  Paul Homewood and Pierre Gosselin highlight the embarrassing “Just Say Anything as long as you blame Climate Change” from Met Office Chief Dame Julia Slingo. Last year it was drought: And don’t … Continue reading

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Unified Theory of Climate Revisited

Peter Morcombe copied me into an email last week asking for feedback on a reworking of his calculations on Nikolov & Zeller’s theory.  He’s had some feedback, notably from Robert G. Brown.  Peter emails: “Robert’s objections are based on dimensional … Continue reading

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Poppycock or Worse than we thought

These men were the faces of nature on the BBC in my youth – heroes you could say. You see I was a greenie then too.  Never a rabid one you understand – I always believed that if you wanted … Continue reading

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Unified Theory of Climate

Guest Post by Peter Morcombe In October 2011, Nikolov & Zeller published a poster called the “Unified Theory of Climate” (Direct link to Poster) claiming that planetary surface temperatures can be calculated accurately if pressure and TSI (Total Solar Irradiance) are known.   … Continue reading

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A Tipping Point Reached

Events this week make me wonder if we have reached a tipping point in climate change.  The trouble with tipping points is that you can only see them with any certainty well after the fact – which is something that … Continue reading

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A blaze of unwelcome light

Gallopingcamel emailed today hoping to draw more attention to the Zero Order Draft of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report and referring to Jeff Id’s post WG1 More Chapters Linked. [Updated 8th January – see below] His email explains:

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More on BBC and Global Warming

The BBC’s hidden ‘warmist’ agenda is rapidly unravelling Since 2006, the BBC has relentlessly promoted the global warming orthodoxy as a pressure group in its own right. Christopher Booker in the Telegraph today has a good summary of the development … Continue reading

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Unprecedented Warming?

I’m Confused Update: I’ve now added the speliothem data sent to me by Charles earlier in the week. Guest Post by Charles Duncan The claim is often made that the rate of temperature change the Earth has experienced over the … Continue reading

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NAO is the winter of our discontent…

Temperatures in the UK fell rapidly again on Thursday.  I watched the thermometer drop from about 7°C mid-morning to -1°C by 4pm and another 5-6 inches of global warming accumulated by late evening.  More snow also fell on Friday. Blame … Continue reading

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Two wrongs only go so far

“What the Green Movement got wrong” and where they still think they are right…

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