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NOAA: “Arctic Report Card: Update for 2010”

Guest Post By Arnd Bernaerts, 25 October 2010 With the message “The Arctic region continues to heat up” the Arctic Report Card: Update for 2010 was released by NOAA a few days ago. The NOAA home page has the headline: “Return … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice Rebound Predicted

Man is not the primary cause of change in the Arctic says book by Russian scientists Forget the orthodox view of Arctic climate change – this book has a very different message.   (h/t to WUWT commenter Enneagram) Published last year, … Continue reading

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Are all anomalies created equal?

Climate is changing; climate has always changed. It is a chaotic system where local microclimate effects can be strong. How can any global average be sure to represent adequately the local nuances and variations (anomalies)? In the existing input data, … Continue reading

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“They believe it is cyclical”

(and they should know – surely – they run the weather station!) I have a habit of taking photos from planes when travelling, even though they usually turn out to be “Why the hell did I take that one?” shots.  … Continue reading

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What planet is he on?

Could Ian Plimer be right or is he so far from the truth that he is off on another planet somewhere?  [for those who need a Plimer Primer, his ICCC presentation is here, (video, audio coming soon); alternatively check out … Continue reading

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