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Quantifying CO2 Mitigation

Update (1st April 2012) Latest versions of files added below. Update (13th January 2012) Latest versions of files added below. Update (26th October 2011) New summary and spreadsheet added – see below Ed Hoskins, since emailing me last November, has been … Continue reading

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Britain’s Green Zeal

We’re in for a rough ride. The Guardian reports an agreement in the Cabinet for: “a far-reaching, legally binding “green deal” that will commit the UK to two decades of drastic cuts in carbon emissions.” Energy Secretary Chris Huhne* appears … Continue reading

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The futility of trying to limit CO2 emissions

Could controlling the output of Man-made CO2 make a significant difference to Global Temperature? Guest post by EDMH Update: Ed emailed this week with updates to this information.  Here they are as downloads: Word document CO2 Greenhouse calcs (10 pages); … Continue reading

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Dorothy behind the curtain (Part 1)

A Guest Post by Peter Morcombe I started out with the aim of understanding “Global Warming” by analyzing raw data for myself rather than accepting whatever the “consensus” might be.   This meant that the data had to be digestible by … Continue reading

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Two wrongs only go so far

“What the Green Movement got wrong” and where they still think they are right…

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What planet is he on?

Could Ian Plimer be right or is he so far from the truth that he is off on another planet somewhere?  [for those who need a Plimer Primer, his ICCC presentation is here, (video, audio coming soon); alternatively check out … Continue reading

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