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A year without a summer?

According to Météo France, 2013 could be one of the coldest and wettest summers for some time. After a long, cold winter, France is experiencing its coolest spring for 20 years. There was sleet at low level in Southern Belgium … Continue reading

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Weather swings and see-saws

The contrast of the current March weather to Spring last year could hardly be a greater swing (Daily Mail: What a difference a year makes: Mother’s Day daffodils delayed by the cold weather…) to the coldest March in 50 years … Continue reading

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Cold, Wet and Miserable

We’re all cold, it’s wet, and I’m miserable! You probably don’t need to be told this, but May 2012 is ontrack to become the coldest for over three hundred years. It comes “hot” on the tail of the wettest April … Continue reading

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Snow on the beach

Widespread, severe and prolonged cold for the third winter in a row.  According to the Met Office it could last a month. We’ve escaped so far – it’s just foggy tonight.  While we’ve had plenty of snow and cold in … Continue reading

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Where snows don’t melt

We’ve got massive snow accumulation in the western USA this year.  It’s not just a few roads being late to open due to the excessive snow clearance effort (WA, CO), the snowpack is way above average this year. Good news … Continue reading

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Where’s the heat? Try the Met Office

It is freezing and snowing again.  This is now the third spell of snow here this winter and it is barely the second week of January.  Once again, I am reminded of weather in the 1970s, when as a child … Continue reading

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