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Pantomime on ice

How appropriate that it is pantomime season. This year’s sell-out production of “Climate Change Academics on Ice” may have been marketed under #SpritOfMawson, but Professor Chris Turney, climate scientist, certainly knew the story he wanted to tell via media circus.

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Ash-on-Ice Earth Art

Layers of volcanic ash on the eroding edges of the icecap of an Icelandic volcano. Does it remind you of something by any chance? Well…?

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Estimating sea ice decline due to natural variability

From environmentaresearchweb.org, a new paper examines the contribution of natural cycles the AMO, AO and AMOC to the reduction in Arctic sea ice.  A Japanese and UK collaboration used five CMIP3 coupled general circulation models with pre-industrial forcing to investigate … Continue reading

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Arctic ice caused drilling delays

Alaska Dispatch reports that Shell ships are finally starting to leave Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands for drilling sites in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas.  While most of us are aware that ice in the Bering Sea was way … Continue reading

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Titanic 100

The one hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic can hardly have escaped anyone’s notice. I did watch one excellent documentary the other evening.  From that and reading around the subject I’ve discovered a lot I didn’t know or … Continue reading

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Life in the Clouds

Yesterday I found myself dreaming of clouds at 30,000ft while stuck on the ground waiting for a badly delayed flight. Discover Magazine (April 2012) held an article on new ideas about clouds and how they develop rainfall.  A research group … Continue reading

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Antarctic ice – more accurate estimates

Cracking ice shelves make headlines, but ice loss estimates that are revised downwards don’t.  While there is great hand wringing over coastal ice loss in Greenland and the West Antarctic Peninsula, East Antarctica has more than eight times the ice … Continue reading

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Twenty-eight days trapped in ice… so far

Update – It’s over.  The rescue was completed Sunday when the Sodruzhestvo reached clear waters and resumed fishing.  A representative from the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency said the rescue operation was unprecedented:

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Ice build up in Sea of Okhotsk

Russian News Agency TASS reports that bad weather is delaying the rescue by icebreakers of ships stuck in Sakhalin Bay in the Sea of Okhotsk.   Near zero visibility and winds of 55mph are slowing the approach of the Krasin to … Continue reading

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NAO is the winter of our discontent…

Temperatures in the UK fell rapidly again on Thursday.  I watched the thermometer drop from about 7°C mid-morning to -1°C by 4pm and another 5-6 inches of global warming accumulated by late evening.  More snow also fell on Friday. Blame … Continue reading

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