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An unusual Christmas Eve

Summarised from a translation in preparation of “PAMIR 1955/56” by Arnd B. Arnd (an account of his time as a deck hand on the Pamir in his youth). It was Christmas Eve when we made it past the Canary Islands. … Continue reading

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Power and Fury

This is an awesome display of the power of the ocean – even better thanks to the added music.  I came across this stunning video a while ago and never tire of it.

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Full Circle

Apologies for the lack of postings recently – busy times.  There will be a few guest postings coming up soon to supplement anything I manage to write. Since I was following the Polar Circumnavigation of Børge Ousland and crew in … Continue reading

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Northwest Passage Ice Break Up

As the ice parts for passage through the Laptev Sea, on the other side of the Arctic, the Northwest Passage continues to lure and fascinate – me as well as those hoping to transit the passage this year (Previous post … Continue reading

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And into the ice…

Time for another catch up on some of the polar sailing expeditions. Northeastern side first. Previous posts on this are: https://diggingintheclay.wordpress.com/2010/06/27/polar-circumnavigation-voyage-underway/ https://diggingintheclay.wordpress.com/2010/07/31/northwest-passage-ice-treachery/

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Northwest Passage ice treachery

As previously posted I’m following the polar sailing expedition by Norwegian Børge Ousland and crew.  As they head for a first possible encounter with ice in the Northeast passage through the Yugorsky Strait (the Kara Strait is currently closed by … Continue reading

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Polar Circumnavigation by Sail

Sailing the Ice-free Northeast Passage and Northwest Passage around the Pole (at least that is the plan…)

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“They believe it is cyclical”

(and they should know – surely – they run the weather station!) I have a habit of taking photos from planes when travelling, even though they usually turn out to be “Why the hell did I take that one?” shots.  … Continue reading

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