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Going slowly on Going-to-the-Sun Road

Photos and regular updates make it possible to follow the ploughing of Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park each year. It’s a massive undertaking.  Having visited the place in 2000 I remember marvelling not only the scenery but also that … Continue reading

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Where snows don’t melt

We’ve got massive snow accumulation in the western USA this year.  It’s not just a few roads being late to open due to the excessive snow clearance effort (WA, CO), the snowpack is way above average this year. Good news … Continue reading

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Is the PDO correlated to road openings?

Anthony Watt’s post at WUWT yesterday (Snowbound USHCN weather station at Crater Lake set me thinking. Or perhaps I should say more specifically that it was Ric Werme’s comment about road openings: “Washington State DOT reopened Rt 20, the North … Continue reading

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It’s a lemming year

[Update (14th May): Not just lemmings but a plague of Scottish Field Voles. They too have benefited from increased snow cover thermal insulation and protection from predators.] Both Norway and Sweden are reporting a population explosion of lemmings this year.  … Continue reading

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Cold weather disasters

The last week has not been a pleasant one because of the cold weather.  And I don’t mean personal discomfort from cold or snow – not directly anyway.  I guess I’m one of those people who dons chunky boots and … Continue reading

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A fascination with snow

Yesterday started with leaden skies, but with the dark hills bright white on the skyline.  Snowflakes drifting in the dry air exploded into individual crystals as they hit my windscreen, each one a perfect microstar. Proper snow! The pellets of … Continue reading

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