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Examining Urban Heat Islands – Part 2

A look at how urban areas might cool Part 1 looked at the growth of various cities and urban areas and how that might cause UHI in the temperature record, which is likely to be a tangled mess of types … Continue reading

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Examining Urban Heat Islands – Part 1.

How cities grow Roy Spencer’s recent work (here and here) and comments by Peter Azlac got me thinking about urban heat islands (UHI) again.  I’ve been musing that so many studies show, measure or quantify UHI in various places, and … Continue reading

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Cherries are not the only fruit

A Tamino rant aimed at Joe D’Aleo’s Arctic ice refreezing after falling short of 2007 record (also at ICECAP) has had me smiling.  Tamino’s accusation against Joe of cherry picking are centred on one of the graphs originally posted here at … Continue reading

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TV Meteorologists, UHI and Climate Change

The Great British Weather I watched last night on BBC iPlayer the first of the four-part series “The Great British Weather”.  It was ‘weather as entertainment’ broadcast from a ‘roadshow’ on St Ives beach.  I had it ‘on in the background’ as sometimes … Continue reading

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Climate Parallax

Why different views of the surface temperature record should always be regarded as a good thing. Parallax – noun: the apparent change in the position of an object due to a change in the position of the observer. (Famously used … Continue reading

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