Land of the Giants

Now updated with an animation (30th Oct 2011).

One of the entries in the Department of Energy and Climate Change competition to design new electricity pylons for the UK was a favourite with my family. We agreed though somehow it wouldn’t look right striding across the English countryside. However – doesn’t it look fantastic in Iceland?

Chain of human pylons planned for Iceland (Telegraph, Aug. 2010): A proposal to install a chain of human-shaped pylons across Iceland – transforming an ugly utility into something of remarkable beauty – has won a leading architecture award.

I mean, if you have to carry cables above ground in such a landscape, what a great way to do it (from an aesthetic viewpoint).  My mind wandered though… what would aliens make of them? Cue a comedy sketch where aliens try to engage with them, only to find accidentally that they pack a powerful punch, inadvertently starting a war. I think I’ve seen Mars Attacks! too many times.

Update – Now this is why we should have pylon people (h/t Chuckles).

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7 Responses to Land of the Giants

  1. Tony Hansen says:

    I wonder if they will be as stable (under high winds) as the old types?

  2. mwhite says:

    They’ve paid off all their debts then?

  3. Chuckles says:

    Tony H, If they swayed in the breeze we could enjoy the ‘Power’ Line Dancing

    [Very good! v]

  4. Tony Hansen says:

    ‘Power’ Line Dancing 🙂
    To the sound of Bob Seger singing ‘Against the Wind’?

  5. j ferguson says:

    Hum a few bars, Tony?

  6. Tony Hansen says:

    jf, 🙂
    It would be better than my singing 😦

    How about Glen Campbells ‘Witchita Lineman’. –
    “And if it snows that stretch down south,
    won’t ever stand the strain”.

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