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Needing Scary Scenarios

There is a concept in risk theory termed the “social amplification of risk”. Normally this takes the form of a minor risk being blown out of all proportion by public reaction to it. One of the most perplexing problems in … Continue reading

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Competition in the meme pool

Climate change activism has relied heavily on memes to spread its message – ‘the greenhouse effect’; ‘Polar Bears are in peril’; ‘Global warming will reach a tipping point then were doomed’.  As well as direct climate memes there are also … Continue reading

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The Chosen Few – Climategate 2.0

Updated below – apparent timelines added Update 2 – JoNova’s blog time corrected Update 3 (23rd Nov) – revised timeline – motive for choice of sites now clear. Climategate 2.0 – it’s old news now, but this one will run … Continue reading

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Cleaning House 2: A New Beginning

A fresh start (on this blog) on calling names in the climate game. I’ve always thought that people whose language is liberally sprinkled with the F-word and other expletives lack the ability to express themselves, aim to shock (at least … Continue reading

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Lucy Skywalker

A few days ago I mentioned finally meeting several people I have come to know through blogging. One of those was Lucy Skywalker.  When I realised I was going to be in Lucy’s neck of the woods I had emailed … Continue reading

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