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Grants and pants…

Found today by Kevin – Lord May, the Government’s former Chief Scientific Adviser has a theory.  It would suggest that climate scientists might be overcompensating for certain insecurities 😉

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How BEST to deal with cooling cities

I’ve been silent on BEST so far. I still have not read the papers or looked at the data. I’m barely keeping up with so much being written about it.  New posts on station data analyses have been absent for … Continue reading

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Month’s most viewed in Telegraph

Something tells me that cloud issues in climate science will not go away.  There’s too much interest from the public now – and they can see past the dogmatism and stifling of debate. When it was first published (27th August), … Continue reading

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Fear Review

Once again this week the process of peer review, how it is viewed and possibly abused has been under scrutiny.  Nic Lewis and Matt Ridley say in their Spectator article story of the Steig/O’Donnell affair (the full article is now … Continue reading

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Team player plays dirty

Of course this is hardly news to the skeptical blogosphere, but I’ve been howling with laughter at the comments over Josh’s cartoon at Bishop Hill – I’ll not attribute individuals but here are some that tickled me:

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Dorothy behind the curtain (Part 2)

Guest post by Peter Morcombe  (link to Part 1) Global warming or cooling effects should be magnified at high latitudes so it makes sense to look for temperature trends in the Arctic and Antarctic.  Ice sheets provide excellent temperature proxies … Continue reading

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Forcing – the subliminal context

Beloved of climate scientists, the term ‘forcing’, as in Radiative Forcing, puzzled me when I first started to read climate papers.  I really didn’t understand it, although I could see what it was supposed to mean. It just didn’t feel … Continue reading

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EU Funding for Climate Change

Over at the Air Vent yesterday in a post discussing a paper on climate reconstructions, Dr Eduardo Zorita commented: “Climate research as a whole also gets a small amount of funding compared to other sciences. Look for instance at the … Continue reading

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GIStemp: Plus ça change (plus c’est la même chose).

The more things change, the more they stay the same. GISS reports updates to the surface temperature analysis regularly (here).  In the last year, for example, there has been a change to use of USHCN v2 data for US stations … Continue reading

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Keep the funding coming….

Back in May, an article appeared in the Opinions section of the journal Nature – “How best to log local temperatures?” (Nature 465, 158-159 (13 May 2010) ) Over at WUWT today Anthony Watts has posted Roger Pielke’s Grave Concerns … Continue reading

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