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A Better Fellow

It is heartening news that Keith Briffa (left) has broken away from the influence of the hockeystick and the One Tree in Yamal. It must be more than a small moment of satisfaction for Steve McIntyre and is certainly time … Continue reading

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Climate Scientists’ Road to Hell

If some of Michael Mann’s followers think that prominent skeptics belong in a special circle of hell (see ‘Mannte’s Inferno‘), here’s news for them.  The Nine Circles of Scientific Hell*, as proposed by Neuroskeptic blogspot, are likely to be well … Continue reading

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A blaze of unwelcome light

Gallopingcamel emailed today hoping to draw more attention to the Zero Order Draft of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report and referring to Jeff Id’s post WG1 More Chapters Linked. [Updated 8th January – see below] His email explains:

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The Hockey Stick – A flawed icon

A Giant with Feet of Clay King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of a massive statue made out of precious metals but with feet of clay and iron, was interpreted in the bible by Daniel as a warning that the King’s kingdom was … Continue reading

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