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Rose tinted temperatures

Here’s an odd thing. Having experienced such cold weather on holiday in July, I went to take a look at the Met Office maps and graphs, and the UK mean temperature map for July 2015 was a bit of a … Continue reading

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Place your bets…

This news just in… After harsh criticism of its seasonal forecasts, and faced with further government cutbacks, the Met Office has developed an inexpensive new forecasting method. 

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Climate change increases weather

Am I allowed a touch of shadenfreude? Again.  Paul Homewood and Pierre Gosselin highlight the embarrassing “Just Say Anything as long as you blame Climate Change” from Met Office Chief Dame Julia Slingo. Last year it was drought: And don’t … Continue reading

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Looking over their shoulder

Oh this is hilarious.  The Daily Express reports today that Met Office staff have a few other weather forecaster websites bookmarked. According to story Met Office predicts…a snoop on rivals: “Staff have visited the web pages of four rival forecasters … Continue reading

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Hedging Forecasts

The Law of the Perversity of Nature You cannot successfully determine beforehand which side of the bread to butter. The Met Office – sigh – what should we do with them?  Charles Duncan sent me this in an email, but … Continue reading

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Weather swings and see-saws

The contrast of the current March weather to Spring last year could hardly be a greater swing (Daily Mail: What a difference a year makes: Mother’s Day daffodils delayed by the cold weather…) to the coldest March in 50 years … Continue reading

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Masters of understatement

You might have heard we’ve had a bit of snow in the UK in the last few days. From the Daily Mail, (accompanied by impressive photos) The blockades have closed many roads in the area, while the M6 between Hackthorpe … Continue reading

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Met Office Accuracy II

Guest Post by Charles Duncan An update to previous analysis and also this time looking at temperature. A few days ago I posted an analysis of the Met Office’s rainfall forecasts.  I realised after the event that I had used … Continue reading

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Met Office: poor accuracy on predicted rainfall

Guest post by Charles Duncan I have often claimed the Met Office is unable to forecast weather more than two or three days out. I like to have data to support my assertions, so I thought I would see how … Continue reading

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‘Bet’ Office Forecasts

Guest post by Charles Duncan As Christopher Booker fittingly writes: There could be few more apt epitaphs for the year now ending than a recollection of the headlines in April that greeted a stark warning from the Environment Agency. Fuelled … Continue reading

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