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Balanced analysis?

Some grudging kudos is due to the BBC for a detailed airing of the sceptical viewpoint on the Today programme on Radio 4 this morning. They even interviewed ‘Sceptical Blogger’ Andrew Montford (Bishop Hill) – who made a great contribution. … Continue reading

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Climate Scientists’ Road to Hell

If some of Michael Mann’s followers think that prominent skeptics belong in a special circle of hell (see ‘Mannte’s Inferno‘), here’s news for them.  The Nine Circles of Scientific Hell*, as proposed by Neuroskeptic blogspot, are likely to be well … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Cried Warming | Global Warming Initiative

A new film that’s about to upset a few people (h/t to Pierre Gosselin at NoTricksZone who has watched it and gives it a big thumbs up – ): The Boy Who Cried Warming | Global Warming Initiative. The feature … Continue reading

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All’s fair in love, war and the climate debate… or is it?

Update added below. Is Heartland’s Global Warming advert “experiment” an own goal or have they simply achieved their aim? “This billboard was deliberately provocative, an attempt to turn the tables on the climate alarmists by using their own tactics but … Continue reading

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Nature – more consensus than credibility

Christopher Booker in the Telegraph yesterday points out how the authority of Nature is used and abused in the climate debate: Whenever some landmark event in the story is approaching […] Nature can be relied on to come up with … Continue reading

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Needing Scary Scenarios

There is a concept in risk theory termed the “social amplification of risk”. Normally this takes the form of a minor risk being blown out of all proportion by public reaction to it. One of the most perplexing problems in … Continue reading

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A Tipping Point Reached

Events this week make me wonder if we have reached a tipping point in climate change.  The trouble with tipping points is that you can only see them with any certainty well after the fact – which is something that … Continue reading

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Quantifying CO2 Mitigation

Update (1st April 2012) Latest versions of files added below. Update (13th January 2012) Latest versions of files added below. Update (26th October 2011) New summary and spreadsheet added – see below Ed Hoskins, since emailing me last November, has been … Continue reading

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Man on a train

I was on an early train on Friday. Normally I try to work, or doze; occasionally it is nice to fall into conversation with fellow passengers. There’s something about trains that seems conducive to such behaviour. About an hour from … Continue reading

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Unprecedented Warming?

I’m Confused Update: I’ve now added the speliothem data sent to me by Charles earlier in the week. Guest Post by Charles Duncan The claim is often made that the rate of temperature change the Earth has experienced over the … Continue reading

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