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Talking heads

God bless Alan Titchmarsh, gardener, broadcaster, writer, national treasure and all-round good egg, for putting into words many of my petty gripes about the BBC (and news broadcasting in general). ‘Do we really need two newsreaders in a 30 minute … Continue reading

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The Minds of Climate Change Pundits

Guest post by John Bell There is something that troubles me in the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) debate that I would like to bring to light and solicit remarks from others in helping me understand it. I used to … Continue reading

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‘Bet’ Office Forecasts

Guest post by Charles Duncan As Christopher Booker fittingly writes: There could be few more apt epitaphs for the year now ending than a recollection of the headlines in April that greeted a stark warning from the Environment Agency. Fuelled … Continue reading

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More evidence – Gleick blew it

Well well! It looks as if Peter Gleick lied about receiving the fake Heartland Memo by mail – unless he mailed it to himself that is – breaking news at WUWT – Forensic analysis of the fake Heartland ‘Climate Strategy … Continue reading

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Lindzen at the House of Commons

Professor Richard Lindzen spoke last week at the House of Commons at a seminar organised by Repeal the Act. It got some unexpected press. I’ve been wanting to hear it since James Delingpole covered it as Lindzen totally pwns the … Continue reading

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A Tipping Point Reached

Events this week make me wonder if we have reached a tipping point in climate change.  The trouble with tipping points is that you can only see them with any certainty well after the fact – which is something that … Continue reading

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How to seem impartial while promoting your own views

Christopher Booker’s report this week for the GWPF,  The BBC and Climate Change: A Triple Betrayal, paints a damning picture of the BBC’s bias and activities. Sir Antony Jay, who wrote the foreword and spoke at the launch is a … Continue reading

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A suggestion for climate scientists…

Unleash your inner dummy (via Nature Jobs Column). Peter Fiske suggests that scientists are too hung up on being experts in their field, and this often limits their perspective in applying for jobs and their own view of their potential … Continue reading

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The Chosen Few – Climategate 2.0

Updated below – apparent timelines added Update 2 – JoNova’s blog time corrected Update 3 (23rd Nov) – revised timeline – motive for choice of sites now clear. Climategate 2.0 – it’s old news now, but this one will run … Continue reading

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More on BBC and Global Warming

The BBC’s hidden ‘warmist’ agenda is rapidly unravelling Since 2006, the BBC has relentlessly promoted the global warming orthodoxy as a pressure group in its own right. Christopher Booker in the Telegraph today has a good summary of the development … Continue reading

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